Northern Economic Leaders

  • Brings local business together to showcase success and share knowledge
  • Provides advice on northern economic prosperity and potential as a place of doing business
  • Delivers forums and network opportunities
  • Assists business in gaining and retaining competitiveness advantage
  • Supports business leaders through challenging times
  • Provides a guide to navigate doing business in the north

COVID-19 Resources

A lot of information being published online around COVID-19 - Coronavirus. It is important that you use reputable sources to get the right information.

Below is a collection of trusted sources and links:

Australian Government

SA Health

Economic Response to the Coronavirus [Treasury website]

Cash Flow Assistance for Businesses [PDF from Treasury]

KPMG links to support for businesses [PDF from KPMG]

Income Support for Individuals [PDF from Treasury]

Small Business Relief Package [Australian Banking Association]

For further information please follow our social media pages for updates and advice.

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The benefits of becoming a member of Northern Economic Leaders:
  1. Bring local business together to showcase success and share knowledge based on actual experiences.
  2. Provide advice on the economic prosperity and potential of our Northern business community.
  3. Deliver forums and networks for sharing ideas on industry development and business success.
  4. Assist business in gaining and retaining competitiveness by encouraging collaboration and networking on business concepts and challenges.
  5. Support to business owners leaders in challenging times.
  6. Provide a guide to navigate the regulatory environment so as to help make doing business easier.