The board of the Northern Economic Leaders (NEL) has resolved to establish a number of sub groups. The Innovation Sub Group being one, its role, specific duties, composition and methods of operation are set out in this Charter.

Sub Group role

The overall role of the Innovation sub group is to assist the NEL board to obtain the relevant insight to the industry’s issues in the Northern Adelaide area to enable innovation to be at the forefront in the competiveness of the region.

Specific Duties

  • Champion innovation in the Northern Adelaide region;
  • Convene thinktanks and fore sighting workshops to help organisations become more innovative;
  • Lobby State and Federal governments to support innovation in the Northern Adelaide region;
  • Encourage active participation by individual businesses and employers in initiatives and events in support of the Innovation;
  • Communicate from their industry to the NEL board:
    • issues and views of relevance to the sector
    • local success stories which can be used to promote the region
  • Communicate from the NEL board:
    • emerging opportunities, policy changes;
    • significant events;
    • funding opportunities;
  • Enable linkages to facilitate networking and mentoring amongst businesses and employers;
  • Provide input into addressing initiatives of Innovation in the region;
  • Assist in staging seminars, events and briefings to facilitate the growth of Innovation in the region, and;
  • Leverage the capability of the University and other research focused organisations to identify long term opportunities for the economic benefit of the Northern Adelaide region.

Sub Group Membership and Chairman

The Innovation Sub Group will have at least two NEL board members, one of which will be elected as the Sub Group Chairman. The Sub Group will also comprise the NEL Executive Officer and invited industry and academic representatives. These representatives will be fully paid up members of the NEL. The number of Sub Group members will total twelve (12).


A quorum of the Innovation Sub Group is seven (7) members.


Meetings will initially be monthly then proceeding to quarterly.

Minutes and Reporting

Minutes of each Innovation Sub Group Meeting will be recorded and circulated to the members attending for comment and approval before being presented to the NEL board at the subsequent NEL board meeting.

Action items from the Sub Group meetings will be forwarded to the NEL board as required.

Board Support

The NEL board will provide support as required for meeting venues and any administrative assistance.

The Innovation Sub Group may not seek external advice or consulting assistance in undertaking its duties unless approved by the NEL board.


This Charter will be reviewed by the board annually.