NEL Board Members
Northern Economic Leaders (NEL) is an apolitical business leaders’ network that supports growth in northern Adelaide both socially and economically. NEL provides a forum for leaders to share their collective knowledge, influence government policy and bring together firms to make northern Adelaide the best place in South Australia to run a business.

Operating as a group since 2007 this group has now formalised its operations to be an incorporated association (11 April 2017) operating regionally across northern Adelaide. This follows strong interest in having stronger business leadership in northern Adelaide and with the development of the Northern Economic Plan and a cross-government focus on northern Adelaide, there was a strong push from business to formalise this group and evolve it into a regional structure.

Our Products and Services

Northern Economic Leaders provides a constructive environment for business leaders to share information on emerging issues, whilst also providing an opportunity to meet with like-minded leaders and prospective business partners.

Our Market

NEL is a not-for-profit organisation representing businesses and employers in the northern region to further enhance its economic future.

NEL has established, at this stage, 5 Industry Sector Working Groups to maximise this engagement. They largely reflect the priorities of the Northern Economic Plan:

  • Health, Ageing & Disability
  • Food, Agriculture & Beverage
  • Small Business
  • Innovation
  • Defence

Our customers

The business/employer customer base can be segmented into 3 categories:

  • Leaders – those who have growth aspirations and are keen to take up new ideas and opportunities
  • Aspirants – those who are interested in growth but will wait and see how the leaders perform
  • Ambivalents – those who are unwilling to change and will resist calls for change

Our customers are primarily;

  • Business/employers
  • Generally
  • ‘Leaders’ who will participate actively in the working groups
  • Business/industry associations eg Vietnamese Farmers Association
  • NEL Members
  • Workforce – primarily via existing agencies established to;
  • Develop appropriate skills
  • Provide placement services
  • Provide overall workforce strategy
  • State Government and the 3 local government agencies which are seeking information on the needs of local business/employers
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Helping Hand
  • Uniting Care Wesley
  • Research
  • UniSA

Value Proposition

Overall, our value proposition is to create sustainable growth opportunities for our members and regional businesses and employers:

  • Delivering a compelling narrative about the economic future of the region
  • Facilitating thought leadership which will assist businesses in positively responding to the big challenges and disruption the regional economy has faced and will continue to face
  • Facilitating the realisation of the opportunities offered by new thinking, new technologies, new industries and digital disruption
  • Providing an effective advocacy on behalf of the regional business community

Underpinning this proposition is the creation of trust, positivity, credibility and a sense of the importance of embracing transformation.


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