Ground Up SA (Sustainable Alternatives)
Founder Steve Booton possesses over two decades of environmental experience, research, and knowledge to engage in the supply, sales, and marketing of various biotech initiatives for an array of industries that provide a unique forming of customized solutions for industrial process and efficiency. Steve has created deep versatility across multiple platforms that impact sustainable and regenerative processes.

It is through these strong skill sets, that Steve oversees and provides guidance in research and development into the science of enzymatic and microbial biotechnology across a myriad of industries or problems such as agriculture, water, waste, and pollution. 

Soil and water remediation | Chemical replacement | Waste to biomass | Pre and post-harvest recovery | BOD/COD reduction | Biogas.

ESG, Circular Economy and Sustainability strategy implementation form the final part of the business which focuses and works with organizations so they may intentionally have positive / regenerative / restorative impacts on others and on the environment, directly or indirectly. Materiality assessments | Net Zero ambition | Scope emission reduction | Circular design | Sustainability tools.