[ONLINE] Polaris Wednesday Wind Down – 22 April 2020

“The Pitfalls of Partnerships”
What are they? What to avoid! How to make it work!

At a time when many of us are adapting to spending much more time together with our life partners at home while working through this era of COVID-19 restrictions, some business people have been operating this way for many years.

Join the Polaris Centre at their next “Wednesday Wind Down” so you can hear their stories and pick up some tips not only about running a business with a life partner but also some insights into how to navigate issues and discussions while spending extended time together.

The guest speakers, to be interviewed by the Polaris Centre’s Mike Richards, will be:

  • Tina Danher-Hart from Icon Graphics who is in partnership with her husband Paul
  • David Hefez from ACE Nights whose partner, Jo Marks, does all the admin and refers to herself as the “silent partner”

Mike will drill down into many topics and questions including:

  • What goes into creating a winning business partnership and working through relationship challenges?
  • How do you define roles and responsibilities and decide who has the authority?
  • What decisions can you make at the start that will mitigate the risk of conflict in the future?How they’ve changed their ways of doing business to overcome general barriers with customers and between themselves?

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When: Wednesday 22nd April 2020 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Location:  Online (Your facilitator will be in touch)
Cost: FREE