Collaborative Robots Workshop – Cobots in your business?

Cobots in your business – Collaborative Robots Session

One of the big challenges facing companies in a rapidly changing industrial environment is staying aware of key technologies. One area that represents a huge opportunity is collaborative robots or “cobots”- robotic systems that can operate unsupervised in environments where humans work. While the theory is good, how does a company put it into operation?

Join Paul Gekas from Scott Automation for a workshop on cobots in Industry. This 3-hour session will examine:

  • Where cobots can be used in your workplace
  • How you can redeploy older assets into a collaborative robot framework
  • How to choose a cobot that’s fit-for-purpose
  • How different sensors enable cobot applications that were previously the stuff of science fiction

The session will be interactive and collaborative, and will give you the opportunity to network with like-minded companies.

Places are limited, so click here to register now!

Tue. 10 April 2018
4:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Polaris Centre
42-68 Mawson Lakes Blvd
Mawson Lakes, SA 5095


Supported and delivered by the Polaris Centre in conjunction with the Manufacturing Technologies Centre