Northern Business Breakfast – 27th November 2019


The November Northern Business Breakfast will have a panel of businesses that looks at four new businesses started and developed by recent arrivals to Australia. It will explore their customer focus, their way of doing business and the challenges they have had in setting up business in new country.

Each business will speak for 4-5 minutes about their business and there will be a guided Q&A session.

What can your business learn more about doing business with other cultures?

Across the Salisbury and Playford council areas newly arrived customers make up now a passive potential clientele.

Kaleem Ulah CEO Kalculators
Kaleem is one of the founding members of The Kalculators. He is known and recognised across South Australia as possessing some of the highest technical skill levels across the areas of accounting, taxation, financial planning and business analysis. Kaleem’s down-to-Earth, approachable and friendly personality is a winner amongst clients. With over a decade of experience in the accounting industry, he remains a valuable asset to both The Kalculators, and as well as his loyal clients.

Orhan Atakan/Davud Atakan(son)- owner Old Bassar Markets
Davud manages the Old Bazaar Market but his father, Orhan Atakan is the directing manager and the brains behind it all. He was a migrant with strong, positive values and the hardest worker you’ll ever meet. Since his arrival in Australia many years ago he went straight into work with the emphasis of providing for his family and being a positive and vibrant member of the community.

His philosophy of working hard not just for oneself and those you are surrounded by where a blood connection or not is vital for kindness, unity and peace.

Hellen Paul- Owner Eastern African Furniture Shop
Hellen was born in a town known as Pajok in South Sudan in 1984 and moved to Australia in 2002 as a refugee. She first settled in Hobart with her family but moved to Adelaide in 2003.

She started the business in 2009 from the little family savings she had made. It was the only African business in Salisbury at that time and as a result, African communities supported it and she is able to sustain it until now. It was very small from the start as there was no much capital. However, she made an agreement with another business woman in Melbourne who supplied her with goods on credit until she was able to make some savings out of the sales.

Mahesh Gautam – Owner Pest SA Adelaide
Mahesh started his business in Adelaide, Prior to his own business, he was Sub-contractor with Flick pest control in Darwin for more than 5 years. He learnt lots about weather, the seasons with pest activity, clients behaviour, different culture and back ground of clients as a hard working person. When I started he started his own business, he said he had no clue what to do how to approach new customers and dealing with language barriers.

Sadiq Poridil – Owner Acefitclothing
Sadiq Poredil is originally from Afghanistan. His dad came to Australia in 2000 as a refugee. Years later his dad sponsored him to come to Australia. In 2007 Sadiq and the rest of the family came to Australia with no English.

He was 10 years old when he came to Australia and now is 23 years old with a lot of dream and goals to achieve.

Sadiq’s business is called “Acefitclothing” and is an online men’s clothing label.

When: Wednesday 27th November 2019 7:00am – 8:30am
Location: Parafield Gardens Community Club, 65 Shepherdson Rd, Parafield Gardens
Cost: $25