Northern Economic Leaders Outlines Infrastructures Needs

Kelvin Trimper, Chair of NEL says “Through our engagement with the business community, not-for-profits, state and local governments we are developing a good picture of the infrastructure needs of northern Adelaide some of which include:

  • Precincts
  • With innovation being a key to economic growth it will be important to build on the existing strengths of Technology Park as an innovation hub – particularly given the opportunities in defence and aerospace
  • Development of the Port Adelaide Maritime and Seafood Precinct – this will complement the growth in food and agriculture output in the region
  • Redevelopment of the former GMH site
  • Osborne Naval Shipbuilding Precinct and the attraction of defence related industries
  • Smart City infrastructure which includes high speed broadband, digital hubs supporting digital literacy and entrepreneurship – an essential element of future economic competitiveness
  • Transport and traffic management
  • Completion of the north-south road connector
  • Completion of the full electrification of the Gawler train line
  • East – west linkage: Elder Smith and Kings Road to Port Wakefield Road
  • Road/rail grade separation as part of the Salisbury City Centre
  • Mawson Lakes interchange is reaching capacity – there is a need for an upgrade which would include additional carparking
  • The construction of a light rail corridor to Port Adelaide and Outer Harbor
  • The construction of the Gawler bypass;
  • Upgrade to Curtis and Heaslip Road intersection with grade separation for the rail network on Curtis Rd, Angle Vale.
  • Construction of a park and ride facility at Elizabeth which is one of the state’s busiest train stations
  • Soft infrastructure – skills development to support the growing industries of defence and aerospace and to support business evolution with the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • The Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme is a very significant opportunity for the north – it will be essential to ensure that growers big and small, have access to the water and that there is a complementary strategy to develop the skills that will underpin the job opportunities associated with the project
  • Stormwater management – with the intensification of urban development and climate change events there is a growing need to address the potential for flooding across the entire region e.g building levee structures as a preventative measure in the North
  • Maximising the urban development opportunities at the Dry Creek salt fields
  • Revitalisation of the Salisbury City Centre is underway with the City of Salisbury redevelopment
  • Accessibility for Aged Care and Disability
  • Inclusion of nature-based tourism in the North as part of state tourism developments

There is no question that Northern Adelaide will prosper as a region. The opportunities are there. What is important is that we have the necessary infrastructure to maximise the benefits from those opportunities for our regional community.”

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