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Northern Life Magazine – Press release

Sure, we have a challenge on our hands in managing the impact of the automotive closures but there is encouraging evidence supporting the notion that the north should be able to manage this.

Anecdotally, through Northern Economic Leaders’ engagement with businesses, we hear of success stories in the north where businesses are looking to employ more staff. We are therefore keen to see what the latest ABS growth and employment data will reveal in the coming months.

The potential downstream impact of the GMH closure has been a source of anxiety for politicians and policy makers. However private industry is resilient and opportunities are emerging, particularly in the defence; health ageing and disability; and food, agriculture and beverage sectors.

The defence sector offers enormous potential to underpin the transformation of the northern economy (and the State for that matter). The projects are here – the demand side is established (Offshore patrol vessels, Frigates, Submarines, P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol and Response aircraft). It will be the supply response by industry that will determine how big the dividend will be in terms of growth and jobs. Central to this will be innovation – in workforce and skills development, new products and services, improvements to existing products and services, production and marketing techniques.

And what will underpin this innovation? Collaboration between firms in the defence industry and with non-defence organisations will be the key in optimizing opportunities moving forward.

There are many businesses and research organisations (such as UniSA) in the north that have high level technical competencies to participate in the defence sector.

One of the tasks of the Northern Economic Leaders is to help those businesses and organisations connect with the opportunities we are seeing in the defence sector.

We are able to facilitate this through our various sub groups in Defence, Small Business and Innovation.


Kelvin Trimper

Chair Northern Economic Leaders

Contact: Brian Hales 0414.987.009

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